A Little About Us and The Farm
At Cansford Farm we manage a small family owned herd of Jersey Dairy Cattle and use their milk to produce Traditional Cornish Clotted Cream and Handmade Butter. We also pastuerise our own Full Cream Jersey Milk, purposefully leaving it unhomogenised so the cream will come to the top if the milk is left to stand. On the farm we currently milk approximately 30 pure Jerseys who are fed a mainly grassbased diet. The herd was established here at Cansford, high on the North Cornwall coast, in 1967 and cows continue to grass age-old permanent pastures - infused with herbs. The pastures have recently been over sown with additional herb seed and clover seed. The herbs help to maintain healthy happy cows and also give the milk its unique flavour, and the clover helps to fix additional nitrogen and reduce the need for artificial fertilisers.

We rear Rose Veal using the bull calves from the dairy herd. The calves are multiple suckled, and housed in straw yards, until they leave for slaughter around 9 months old. Occasionally we take a steer on further and produce pure Jersey Beef, if you haven't tried it you should!

We also run a few pigs from time to time and these have the run of an area of rough grazing, with loads of trees including hawthorne and beech to root round. The pigs receive additional feed in the form of skim milk from the clotted cream making process, and any excess buttermilk, mixed with some barley meal.

Here we will put extra information about the farm.  Including shots from our Owl Camera (now in situ).

Goslings hatched today 18th March 2012

My Name is Chuckles
I live on the farm with 3 other geese
Come to the Farm and Get Fresh, FreeRange Eggs

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